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I have met so many amazing people who have achieved unbelievable things that I have come to firmly believe that anything is achievable to anyone; the limiting factor is our own imagination. Of course truly great things are never done by individuals alone, they are done by people touching the lives of other people. Because we are all connected, what we do sends ripples through the system that causes other people to react, and through this ripple effect, each of us hold the power to make incredibly big changes in the world.

Simply put I believe that we have a responsibility to contribute to the greater good of all. I like to always aim for being better, and I like to think that the sum of all my actions is a net positive. That when the end comes I have helped create ripples that made the world a better place – this goal is what gives meaning to my life.

Here are a few other things I also believe in:

  • I believe that once you know how to do something 100% you should teach it to someone else and let them do it instead. It will help both of you grow.
  • I believe in sharing any kind of knowledge that would have made me irreplaceable. It is the right thing to do, and it is a challenge to myself not to get lazy and complacent.
  • I believe hiring people is one of the highest impact decisions a manager makes, it should never be done in a hurry, you should never compromise on the quality of the candidate nor should you hire people who are overqualified.
  • I believe everyone starts the first day on their job with high levels of genuine enthusiasm, and it is the responsibility of the company to feed the fire and not let the energy be lost or wasted.
  • I believe business is about achieving something as a company of people; the bottom line number is a measurement, not the goal.


Ever since I was a kid I have enjoyed volunteering to serve whichever community I was a part of at the time, whether that be a student union, a tenants union, or as has been the case in recent years the community of Danes living in Shanghai, where I have the honor to be elected Chairman of the Board of the Danish Chamber of Commerce in China.


Chairman, Danish Chamber of Commerce in China

Founding Chairman, Student Alumni of Business Development Engineers

Project Manager, First Lego League

Board Member, Fruehoejgaard Housing Association

Accountant, Student Café of Aarhus University (HIH)

Member, Student Council for Engineering Students at Aarhus University (HIH)

Representative to the board and Chairman of Student Union, Struer Business School.

Representative to the board an Chairman of Student Union, Bisnapgaard Boarding School.

Hohenstein China Annual Dinner


My old boss used to say “Emil, the job is easy it is the people that make it difficult!” or sometimes he would say “The job is easy, it is the people that make it interesting!” Well those of you who know me will know that I don’t care much for easy, I like a difficult and interesting challenge – and I love working with people. My colleagues are what motivates me, not the business, the product or the profits, but the people. Nothing makes me more proud than to bring out the best in others and see them succeed beyond their own expectations – that's what leadership is all about, and I love it.


  • "Emil is a very independent and driven person that I really appreciated working in my team as the General Manager for Nilorn Shanghai ltd. He was responsible for the full operation and from a very small company at the beginning did he really develop the operation to become  successful and profitable. One of his large talents is that he is taking care of and support his staff members and are stimulating and motivating them in order to make their utmost in their position. Emils is reliable and honest and I have the deepest respect for his work at us in Nilorn."

    Claes af Wetterstedt
  • “I had the pleasure of working with Emil during his time with Nilorn Shanghai. As I was based in HK, responsible for Nilorn East Asia, we were lucky to find someone with Emil's enthusiasm for a challenge combined with his great eye for detail and determination. He was largely responsible for the development of the Business from employing 3 staff in a rented office space to one with a turnover of over RMB20m in less than 4 years. In this role, Emil impressed all those that met him throughout the Nilorn Group, not least his own staff in Shanghai,and our Customer and Supply Base. I was always profoundly grateful for his help and determination and friendship.”

    Andy Hoppe
    Managing Director at NILORN EAST ASIA
  • “I worked with Emil at my time as an Event Manager at the Danish Chamber of Commerce while he served as Vice Chairman of the board. 

    I like working with Emil, who is very professional and well structured on the board. Also, he is always creative, and brings lots of new ideas. I believe the chamber will grow even more with Emil's effort in the future.”

    Kelly Wenjun Zhao
    Event Manager at DCCC


Job History

2014 to Present: Managing Director, Hohenstein Textile Testing (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd.

2010 to 2014: General Manager, Nilorn Shanghai Ltd.

2006 to 2010: Local Manager, A-TEX Shanghai International Trading Co.,Ltd.

2001 to 2006: Founder, Prodigium Media

1995 to 2001: Newspaper Delivery Boy (Jyllands Posten, Aalborg Stifstidende, Holstebro-Struer Dagblad)

Educational History

Master of International Marketing, Malardalen University

Business Development Engineer, Aarhus University, Institute of Business and Technology in Herning

Higher Technical Examination (htx), General Upper Secondary School

10th Grade, Bisnapgaard Efterskole (Boarding School)

9th Grade, Fjordvang Ungdomsskole (Boarding School)

1st to 8th Grade, Sydthy Friskole (Private School)


Check out his website at www.ADAM-Mila.com